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Olympic Athlete Village Installations 2010 – Vancouver

Welcome to Pool Table Guys one stop website serving the Vancouver and  British Columbia. Here you will find professional pool table guys that will service all your pool table needs.  

Services provided are; re-covering your pool table with new felt or cloth (as some people call it), if you have purchased a used / new pool table, or you are moving to a new house, you will need your pool table move to your house, pool table assemble, pool table disassemble, and pool table level to name a few.  

There may be times where your home undergoes an unwanted disaster such as a flood. If this happens your pool table insurance company will need to remove your pool table from the room and some times your home in order to repair the damage to your home. As a pool table owner, you will want to ensure that your pool table is in top notch condition. Make sure that only a professional pool table mechanic completes the work on your pool table. This is where we come in. A very good pool table mechanic will let you know that you should never try to move your pool table. Not even an inch! The reason is that we do not want you to damage your pool table. 

Click on the icon for the service you desire and complete the form so that we can best serve your needs. We will respond back within 24 hours! 

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