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 What cloth should I choose? You have two options, colour and quality.

Option 1: Picking your pool table cloth quality will really depend on your budget and what type of a player you are.

Most pool players choose a house cloth. There are more colours to choose from, plus it is less expensive. This cloth will however need a little more cleaning maintenance as it will slightly pill in the beginning stages of it's life.

Professional quality cloth is quite a lot more expensive. It does however play much faster then house cloth and there is slightly less cleaning maintenace involved as it does not pill.

 Option 2: Now that you have chosen a pool table cloth quality you need to choose a colour. Go to Cloth Colour Sample Page to see all the different colours that I have access to. If your pool table cloth selection is not here, let me know the name and colour of the cloth so that I can return a quote to you.

Now that you have decided to put new pool table cloth on your pool table, you should consider (if you do not already have one) upgrading to a Naugahyde Pool Table cover. Let me know your outside dimensions and your colour choice and I will return a quote to you.

Option 3: Custom imprinted cloth. All custom orders need 60% non-refundable deposit before ordering.











If you have any questions, as always, the answers are free, just click on Ask the Question Here

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