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 The Olympic games of 2010 contacted Olhausen pool table manufacturer of Tennessee to supply pool tables for the Athelete's Village in Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia. I was contracted to install and service these custom made pool tables for both the Olympic and Special Olympic Games. What a treat as you can see the various stages of construction at the Vancouver Village. Note the custom logo specially made for the Olympic Games. Love this manufacturer.


Artful Dodger Pub in Langley display Vancouver Canucks on their pool tables.








This is why I recommend North American made over Asian made. There are so made issues with Asian made tables, here are a couple of pictures of poor attention to details in the craftsmanship.


Picture on the left, manufacture drilled the holes in the wrong spot. Picture on the left, poor wood quality and gluing procedure. 










Here is an example of someone who does not understand how to properly level slate on a pool table. If you do this yourself (which this one was installed by someone who said they knew what they were doing) and you need help, I am always a phone call away.